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Bill & Nancy

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· 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home

· Private pool and spa (heating Optional)

· Heating the Spa Only Available April 1st—Sept. 30th

· located in the Four Corners community on Rte. 27


· 5 bedroom 3 bathroom home

· Private pool (heating Optional)

· Gated Community

· Located in the Reserve at Town Center community


Dear Repeat & Future Guest,


We are not just vacation home owners, we’re a family that enjoys a great vacation, just like you.  What we looked for when on vacation is what we added to our rental homes for our guest’s comfort and convenience.

             * Wireless Internet Access

             * Worldwide Phone Service

             * Family Games & DVDs

             * Window Treatments

             * Wall Art, Decorative Plants & Knick Knacks

Look below to see which of our Central Florida vacation homes best suits your vacation needs.  We’d love to make your vacation a memorable one.



Nancy & Bill McGeever